Born in a small town in Michigan, I was raised like most kids in the 60's. Prepackaged meals and canned vegetables. I never thought much about what I was eating or how it was prepared. That was until I became a Mom!

I have 2 boys that have been diagnosed with autism, each at completely opposing ends. Brad is 28 years old, very high functioning and Garrett is 17, completely non-verbal. 

My health and wellness journey started back in 2008. Garrett was 8 years old and his doctors conducted some tests.  We received the test results and were stunned! They showed  he had a body full of arsenic.  Arsenic, that is used in rat poison found in insecticides! His sever autism made it clear that we were watching him slip away but I never dreamed that he had arsenic in his body much less the huge amount!  How was this possible?? 

Knowing that he never got into any poisons or chemicals, I was determined to rid his body of that in a natural way.  I spent hours searching and researching. Eventually attending school to become a certified health coach.  I discovered the toxic poison in his system was obtained through what he was food.  

I learned that through diet and high-quality supplements, it was possible to reduce and potentially eliminate arsenic from the body.  Which is exactly what I did! Garrett is now free of any arsenic. The change in his health and progression has been undeniably amazing!

Over the years, we have been continuously helping him heal from all the damage that the arsenic had done to his body, such as nerve damage,  numbness, low muscle tone, inflammation, and so much more.  I have partnered with a Mental Wellness Company so that we can heal the Gut Brain Connection. As I have watched my sons really start to thrive, it got me wondering....if my son was so challenged and sick from these poisons found in our foods, what are other parents and children experiencing!  I knew I needed to share my knowledge.  


I love sharing my story and helping other families realize that there is a much better way to help our kids, through natural supplementation and diet!  My boys are doing amazing!!!  Once homebound to Loving Life!!!

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